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Forex Trading

Forex Trading concepts and strategies

Forex or foreign currency trading is a flourishing business on a global scale today. Many investors and traders are putting forth their hard-earned money in forex trading process. To accumulate more profit, it is important to understand the basics of the business to the core. The techniques and strategies can be developed or modified as per the knowledge of the trader.

Forex trading markets and statistics

As per the statistics available, the forex trading market is one of the biggest financial markets on a global scale that has many investors and traders. The daily activity has seen a hike from 1.2 trillion US dollars in 2001 to 6.6 trillion US dollars in 2019. The market is open 24 hours except for the weekends. It is around 35 times bigger than the stock market and 3 times larger than the derivative market. The major section of the market volume belongs to traders and investors from different industries and backgrounds. The forex market is conceptualised by multiple financial institutions including banks. More than 170 global currencies are traded against each other in the market, of which US dollar is the most volatile and traded currency and Euro comes second in the list. There are 7 major currency pairs which forms 70 percent of the market. Most of the Forex Trading Training in Mumbai focus on these major pairs.

Forex trading school in Mumbai

Trade Wave is a renowned trading academy that has been offering valuable and economical Forex Trading Coaching in Mumbai for years now. It is quite accessible by one and all who are interested in acquiring the knowledge and skills in the domain. Trading is a complex yet beneficial business that has its ups and downs. To trade profitably, one should understand the core concepts properly. There are live demos offered by industry experts for students at different levels of knowledge. The classes and webinars are conducted in easy convenient online mode so as to make it accessible by working class as well. Once you have learnt the fundamentals properly, you can dwell into the business completely as a full-time occupation. There are different trading plans available to select from. The trainers are expert and well experienced in the business. The team make use of latest technology and software to instil in students’ valuable knowledge by means of practical approach.

Forex trading strategies and concepts

Strategies are built by a trader to analyse favourable conditions for buying and selling of assets or forex in this case. This strategy can be developed by using two techniques namely fundamental analysis and technical analysis. The strategies can be either manual or automated which helps in generating trading signals. In case of manual, a trader needs to just sit in front of the system to look for trading signals and make decision to buy or sell the currency. In case of automated process, an algorithm helps in identifying trading signals to execute the trade on behalf of the trader. It is ideally a traders call to buy or sell the asset in hand, while these strategies and charts helps in making the decisions simple and accurate.

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