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Trading can be of different types and the most potential one is forex trading, which involves buying and selling of currency pairs. It can be done via online mode like any other asset trading. The profit of trading business is based completely on the timings – timing of buying and selling of assets. Among the best institute for forex trading, one name often strikes that is Trade Wave, which is one of the pioneer forex trading institute in Delhi that is a one stop destination for all kinds of tips tricks and step by step guide for forex trading.

Advantages of Trading with Forex

Almost all currency pairs are available in the foreign exchange market and hence it is the largest financial markets in the world. As one of the best institute for forex trading, trade wave has been vocal about evident pros and cons related to the forex stream. Some of the benefits of investing in foreign currencies are as follows:

  • Forex trading market has flexible timings- The market is open 24 hours for five days a week i.e., from 9PM to 10 PM from Sunday to Friday
  • Forex trading is simple to learn but to master the technique, proper assistance from a apt forex trading institute in Delhi is required
  • The market has high liquidity which enables quick transactions incurring low transaction costs or spreads
  • Forex trading marketplace is a global platform hence you have opportunities to trade with multiple currency pairs
  • Hedging with forex trading is possible which is a technique to minimize unwanted moves. This can be done by opening different strategic positions
  • Forex trading market is volatile which means prices remain stable for a longer duration of period

Disadvantages of Trading with Forex

Like any other trading technique, forex also brings with it some shares of disadvantages as well. There might be losses at times but since the market in more volatile and stable in comparison to other assets, one can minimize it too. As a step-by-step guide for forex trading, advantages and disadvantages of the market is also required to be learnt before making a decision.

  • Maximum leveraging is one of the cons of forex trading. If benefit is high so are the chances of incurring losses
  • 24/7 market is risky as the market gets exposed to opportunities that may fluctuate prices
  • High number of regulations – As currencies are involved globally, there are numerous interventions from banks and markets
  • High volatile marketplace can be equally harmful
  • Involvement of scammers as the forex trading marketplace is highly vulnerable to cheating and frauds

At Trade Wave, an elaborate step by step guide for forex trading is provided to potential traders so that they can understand the above stated points and make better decisions. There are courses for beginners with zero to minimum level of knowledge as well as courses for those who have some level of expertise related to forex trading. With experienced and expert team, Trade Wave is undoubtedly one of the best Institutes for forex trading.

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